About Us

From our family to yours  
We believe life is more than a series of checkboxes waiting to be ticked. It’s about moments, both big and small, with friends and with loved ones. Unforgettable moments shouldn't be buried away in a box or lost in “the cloud”.
It’s in this vision that La Lente™ was born.
Founded in 2018 in picturesque New Zealand, our family-run company’s mission is to create albums that do more than simply store photos. That’s why we set out to craft high quality albums that narrate feel-good stories… soaked in nostalgia for now and the next generation.
Designed in-house, we spared no detail in creating our albums. High quality archival binding, premium acid free paper stocks and textured covers. We created these with our fellow photo lovers in mind, from our family to yours.

View our albums, here and create your story.