christmas gift guide 2021

- OCTOBER 2021 - 


Buying gifts for your loved ones during the Holidays is one of the biggest challenges people face every year. We haunt the shopping malls sometimes only days before Christmas looking for that perfect gift.
There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all gift. Here are some tips for narrowing down your search, and links to some trending gift ideas tailored to anyone on your list.
Online shopping can widen your horizons and make purchasing items easier than ever before. With thousands of options worldwide, if you don’t have specific ideas in mind, it can also be a daunting experience. Purchasing trends have shifted dramatically since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. Online webstore shopping has more than doubled, up 39% in the US just over the 2021 first quarter, due to retail closures and restrictions, and fear of contracting the virus.
Peer-to-peer online shopping sites like Etsy have become increasingly popular for offering trendy products, artisan and niche market goods that are difficult, if not impossible to find, anywhere else. Retailers like Amazonsell consumer goods from around the world and most large store chains provide online shopping through their websites. When you do have something specific in mind, your search engine will pull up many alternate vendor sites that increase your buying choices, depending on your query.
Stay in vogue with sustainable clothing and accessories made from natural fibres and recycled materials. Manufacturers are adopting the benefits of natural fibres within their products, going beyond the traditional cotton, linen, and silk. Current trends favor hemp, bamboo, and other breathable fabrics from tree and plant fibres, including eucalyptus. Jewellery and clothing are now being created from recycled and upcycled materials. Imagine wearing an outfit made from a combination using plastic bottles? Check out Upcycling to Help the Planet.
Want comfy new shoes made from merino wool or tree fibres? Have a look at Allbirds. They have stores around the globe and online shopping.
Sporting enthusiasts and hobbyists can be surprisingly easy to buy for as they tend to be in more of a niche market. Retailers often target certain activities, such as fishing, hiking, camping, contact sports, and individual athletics. For the enthusiast that has everything, there is always something new to be found. Check out these leaders in officially licensed gear at the NBA Store and NFL Shop, and for all US teams, check out Fanatics.
Technology is continually upgrading and reinventing itself and has revolutionized the way we live. For lovers of all things tech, there are always innovative gadgets on the market to tempt the pocketbook. From computers to hand-helds, and from household items to novelties for the automobile, you can shop really big or really small.
Video game creators offer a diverse range of video products that will keep gamers playing for hours. Hot gaming gear this year includes the AstroGaming A20 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset for Xbox, and the Sony PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Wireless Controller.
For those who spend a lot of time on their smartphones, there are accessories available for Android and iPhone that include everything from multi-function charging stations to anti-fatigue eyewear.
Trending now is the Photostick, which stores and protect all your digital pictures. These small devices have huge storage capability, transportable and are plug and play.
Also, try gifting someone an App. Yes, an App. Two apps that are current and highly rated deal with meditation and mindfulness. Check out Headspace and Calm.
Most of us have folders on our computers or in a cloud holding thousands of photographs. While this preserves the images, we tend to forget about them once they are stored.
Since the pandemic started, thoughtful gifts such as photo albums, have been on trend as people have been separated from loved ones. Our timeless albums created right here at La Lente are unique and timeless. They can be designed to tell a story, highlight a passage in time, or showcase a life changing event or trip. Specialized photo albums and books made of the highest quality material and acid-free paper will always hold their value by people of all ages for the memories enclosed within their pages. Photo albums and books are an enduring testament to all the special people and stand-out moments in our lives, linking us to those we love. Take a look at our collection here
One of the best places to find a truly unique gift, especially for lovers of the Arts, history, and science, can be found in museums and art galleries. Most have stores at the physical location and on their websites. Purchasing from galleries and museums also helps support their upkeep, making this a win-win gift resource that works within most budgets.
For the readers in the family, nothing beats a good book! Books allow us to escape, to explore, to relax, and they make a wonderful gift, whether the reader on your list enjoys their story from a paper book or e-reader. Journals also make a great gift, especially in this age of social isolation when people have more personal time to put their thoughts to paper.
For the organizers in the family, a funky new planner for 2022 can’t go amiss.
After almost two years of isolation during the Covid 19 pandemic, people are excited to be travelling again, and giving the gift of travel to see family or a new destination has never been more appealing. Be sure to check covid regulations and requirements before booking any travel though.
When all else fails, gift certificates and prepaid cards are a reliable fallback, especially when purchased from a retailer that fits in with your recipient’s lifestyle, hobbies, and tastes. Restaurant certificates are ideal for future celebrations or an intimate night out. How about a night at the movies or theatre?
Gift certificates and prepaid cares are quick and easy, plus highly portable. They are available for practically anything from almost any business, providing flexibility, especially for long-distance gifting or purchasing from a different location to that of the retailer.
Gifts that speak directly to the heart are the most enduring and thoughtful gifts you can bestow upon your loved ones. The trends for the 2021 Holiday season have interesting and divergent themes that may be related to repercussions from the pandemic. Many gift-giving ideas stem from reconnecting to the planet and to each other. Social media has played an interesting role in gift giving through sites like Facebook. Online resources have endless lists of products and organizations to appeal to everyone on your list.
Now that you’re all set for the gift giving season, lets make this a Christmas to remember!

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